Community of Practice Inside and Outside the Workplace

Practice CycleProfessionals still need help. Even if they finished several degrees and took their PhDs and Masters, there will be something that they do not know. Experts will need to depend on the knowledge and experience of others in the same field.

The Community of Practice is a platform used by practitioners to share knowledge, information, learning, and experience with other practitioners of the same line of work. It is composed of people who know what they are talking about. They will use technical terms and jargons in their discussions.

Inside the workplace

teacherYou can create a Community of Practice inside the workplace. It will be made up of people with the same degree or working with similar mechanisms or systems.

For example, if you are a safety officer of a multinational company with thousands of workers, you can be part of a Community of Practice with your fellow safety officers. Topics like company policies, the right way to handle accidents, and procedures to follow when an emergency occurs are some of those that you can talk about.

Another example is a group of webmasters looking to drive traffic to websites that they are assigned to. Their Community of Practice will involve questions like “How do I get targeted traffic to my website?” or “What HTML code should I use to prevent redirection of the page?”

Outside the workplace

A Community of Practice is not restricted inside the four corners of your office. People use the same concept to talk to other professionals from different companies and from various countries. This is also called Virtual Community of Practice.

Using the examples above, a safety officer can ask a practitioner from the other side of the world about the concerns that he is having in his work. He may ask the latest process of making safety manuals based on standards or the best brand to use for safety harnesses.

A webmaster may ask another webmaster online on how to buy unlimited website traffic or how to create backlinks for sites. They can be connected to each other even if they do not work together in the same company.