What is a Conducive Learning Environment?

Schools and universities do the best that they can to provide the most conducive learning environment for the students. They erect buildings, create laboratories, and make interactive rooms so that students learn their lessons quickly and effectively. Educators also design strategies and techniques in order to translate data from textbooks into information that they can actually use in the real world

What are the qualities of a good environment for learning?

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Open communication

The classroom should be an open environment for both teachers and students. Students should be able to ask questions the same way teachers are allowed to give insights into the lessons. Learners can only learn if educators can train them to be inquisitive.

The more they ask questions, the better they can understand the lesson. Teachers need to foster critical thinking among students. They should ask to know more about the subject at hand. Ask the students to see if they really understand the lesson. Challenge them so that you can determine if they absorbed your teaching.

For those doing online learning, you can build a website or, at least, a forum wherein the students can inquire about the current lesson. And be sure to answer quickly. Encourage other students to chime in on the topic.

Learning models

One student may learn differently from the way another student does. As a good educator, you should provide as many learning models for students that they can benefit from. Some of the examples of learning models that you can utilize include cooperative learning, online interaction, peer learning, and creation of learning stations.

You can check out tech blogs that talk about the latest applications that you can use for your teaching. Since students love tech devices, it is always an option for you to use mobile phones and the internet to connect to the students.

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Good teacher-to-student ratio

To be able to know and evaluate the students, you should not compress 50 students in a room that can only accommodate 20 people. It is not only unhealthy but it restricts the students from learning comfortably on their seat. As educators, make sure that each classroom is well-ventilated, have fully functioning seats and tables, and provide enough space for the students to move and learn.


  1. Kristiina Riihijärvi says:

    A perfect learning environment mostly lies on the capability of the teacher who is in charge of the classroom. If he uses the right techniques to motivate the children and ushers all of them to an atmosphere good for teaching, the students will definitely have a very conducive learning environment.

  2. Tiia Hautamäki says:

    The classroom surely gives a world of a difference when it comes to a conducive learning environment. I grew up attending classes in a public school. Some of the facilities in my school are either worn down or not functioning at all. Even if I am interested in learning, poor facilities can greatly affect the way I learn.

  3. Jodi Koppelman says:

    Thanks to the openness of today’s educators, more teachers are opening up the classroom floor for questions and inquiries from students. I believe that kids can only learn if they ask the right questions to their teachers. If they do not ask questions, it only means that they are not thinking enough.

    • Frank says:

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  4. Terrence says:

    This idea is somewhat relative. It’s depends on the person involve and the type of learning they need.

  5. Dennis says:

    Conducive learning environment can make the learner easy to to absorb what is being taught.

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